Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blog resurrection

Dear friends...after some prodding from folks in the Crumb Nation and my band mates I've decided it's time to start putting out the occasional blog again. I’m anticipating a loose, ongoing catalog of stories and recollections that chronicle my lifer status as a musician and songwriter. Among other topics, I'll discuss some details of my 30-year-plus friendship and 20-year ongoing musical partnership with David Lowery and our formation of Cracker. I'll also try to answer questions I’ve gotten about my new 2nd solo record "Tilting", my musical side projects and more. I'll try to keep it mostly about the music, but I imagine I'll sometimes veer off into things more personal as I did when I wrote my monthly column for Scene magazine a few years ago. I'll at least try to steer clear of topics that really aren't my area of expertise. This fan base is nothing if not diverse in matters political, social and philosophical. I will try as I always do to remain respectful of all of my/our supporters. I feel honored to have your attention in the first place. I hope to shed some light on the combined creative output that resulted in all of these Cracker songs and records. I'll invite you into the vans, tour buses and backstage green rooms, rehearsal and recording studios, dimly lit hallways, 4 star hotels and squalid motels from Birmingham to Bilbao and anywhere else the ideas flowed into creative reality and/or the shenanigans ensued. I’ll try to recall the hirings, firings, the keepers and the ones who walked away. Think back to each album as I felt and experienced it and try to answer some questions you might have. With the average lifespan of a rock band spanning roughly 5 or 6 years, we've been very fortunate to say the least…Cracker have now had over two decades of thriving success and managed to stay the course on this roller coaster of a career with continued support from fans and friends like you. Thanks for your time, Johnny Hickman… (Lead guitarist, co founder, co songwriter / singer, and harmonica player for the semi-hip band of misfits known collectively as Cracker.) PS: Please make sure and click "follow" on the blog. I started setting it up months ago and then abandoned ship, so it's time to roll it back out and get my friends following. Also, to make things simpler for myself, I’ll probably disable blog comments but post each entry on Facebook. I welcome your comments on any given post and/or subject but will exercise my right to 86 you from the vicinity if you make trouble….and yes, I decide what constitutes "trouble". My blog, my party, my rules. Stay tuned for the one I’m writing right now, "Paying Dues And Don'ts.” The story of Lucky #7 and this rock musician's early seduction into this strange and wonderful career. Cheers, J